The countdown to graduation on May 26 has started for seniors and each are preparing for the event in many different ways.

Samantha Yancey is working on perfecting the speech she is giving at the graduation ceremony.

“I’ve been rehearsing my speech and editing it multiple times,” Yancey said.

She has been to the past three graduations as a part of the choir and is looking forward to making her speech the best one yet.

“I have been listening to the past few speeches given and I just thought, ‘Why couldn’t I do it?'” Yancey said. “I love to write and I think it would be a good end to my high school experience.”

Another senior speaking at graduation is class president Natalie Siegel.

“I’ve been reading over the script so that I don’t make any mistakes in the microphone and thinking a lot about how to keep myself from crying,” Siegel said.

Other seniors have been thinking more about what is to come after graduation is over.

“It seems very surreal that in just a few days, I’m going to be walking across the stage and saying my final goodbyes,” Mallory Martin said. “But I’m truly excited for what’s to come.”

Colin Parker is also looking forward to his next adventure.

“I am just enjoying the last moments and I’m excited for college as well.”

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