By Elise Bernthal, Alisa Durham, Lauren Moton

With finals coming up at the high school, students and teachers alike are getting prepared. Most students are making sure they study for their big test in order to get the best score they can.

“Quizlet really helps me for studying for vocab in Spanish and biology,” freshman Lily Smith said. “And for math, I like to write down the word problems and go to my friends’ houses to study.”

Students also like to ask their classmates for help in subjects like math, science, history and English.

“I also like to ask them questions,” Smith said. “If I don’t understand something, and they do, then I can learn it. And if I understand something and they don’t, they can learn it. It works out for both of us.”

Quizlet also seems to have a big part on how students study.

“I made a bunch of Quizlets,” freshman Alisa Durham said. “I did them until I got all 100 percents.”

Cheerleader at a mandatory study hall, studying for finals.

Cheerleaders attend a mandatory study hall and prepare by studying for finals.

Freshman Hannah Rodgers studies for her French final.

Freshman Talia Sinclair studies for her Spanish final.

Freshman Talia Sinclair studies for her Spanish final.

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