The International Show includes a parade of flags honoring the home countries of many students that attend Pattonville High School. (file photo)

The International Club is hosting its annual International Show on Wednesday, April 12, during 7th hour. The show features talents of the club members and other Pattonville students, including musical performances, flags ceremonies, international costumes fashion show, cultural dances such as K-POP, Bollywood, Nigerian, and many more.

The performers have been practicing and rehearsing since the beginning of the second semester and are very excited to put on the show celebrating cultural diversities.

Ms. Katherine Korte, sponsor of the club, has been working really hard putting together the show.

“The show celebrates and highlights the diversity and the variety of backgrounds and nationalities we have,” Korte said. “Everyone should come because it’s also very fun and energized.”

The show will be hosted by junior Shhdwafi Youssef, president of the International Club and Muslim Student Association, alongside with senior MikaElla Rectin, president of Orchestra.

“I was involved in the show since I was a freshman. I signed up for it because I felt that this is a very important presentation of our diverse cultures,” Youssef said. “The show demonstrates how hard this club works to show its diversity in cultural unity around the district and I’m very proud to know that our hard work has presented Pattonville School District an honorable role of having a very diverse student body.”

Teachers are welcome to bring their classes to the auditorium for the show during 7th hour.

“People should come see the show because it’s a great way to experience cultural diversity within our school,” Rectin said.

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