IMG_5181.JPGOn Saturday, Oct. 24, many Pattonville students had the opportunity to take the ACT. The test was given at the high school starting at 7 a.m.

“This was my first time taking it,” junior Taylor Hays said. “I went in expecting the worst, but it honestly wasn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.”

Many teachers have been urging students especially juniors to take the ACT early and as many times as possible.

“I thought that it was difficult in some circumstances, but overall it was not too bad,” junior Izzy Garcia said. “I plan on taking the ACT as many times until I reach my score goal.”

There were classes leading up to the test to help students with strategies in order to do better.

Some teachers such as Mr. David DeMoss, do ACT Prep every week. He takes 10 minutes out of his B- and C-Day classes to prep his upperclassmen for the math portion of the ACT.

Garcia had a game plan when taking the test.

“My strategy was to fly through the problems I knew as fast as I could, so then I would have more time for the other challenging ones,” Garcia said.

Hays also had a plan going into the ACT.

“My strategy was to finish, and go as quickly, but as efficiently as I could.”

Students still have four more opportunities to take the ACT this year. The next test is Dec. 12 with a deadline of registration by Nov. 6. ACT Prep session at Pattonville will lead up to all of the tests.


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