IMG_3416The Pattonville High School orchestra and choir had its annual out-of-town competition and trip, and this year traveled to Washington, D.C., winning many awards.

The Treble Choir won Gold 2nd Place, Concert Choir was awarded Gold, Concert Orchestra earned Silver 2nd Place and Chamber Orchestra finished Silver.

On top of the individual group honors, Pattonville won the Sweepstakes Awards which is the biggest award for the festival. To win, the judges add the scores of the top vocal group, the top instrumental group, and the next highest score together.

Pattonville students also were awarded with the Spirit of Washington, D.C. award recognizing them for their spirit, behavior and attitude.

“It was a fantastic feeling to win the Sweepstakes Award,” Mansell said. “It was something that I feel none of us expected. We weren’t ready to hear our name being called for that award.”

Choir director Melynda Lamb had never earned that honor before.

“This is our third time traveling together and we have never won that award before so it was pretty exciting.”

The groups left the competition with more than just trophies. After each group performed, a judge would briefly hold a clinic with them.

“He had some really helpful things to say,” Mansell said. “I do feel that he could have touched on a few more things.”

The groups departed Wednesday night around 6 p.m. and returned to Pattonville on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. Between that time and competing, the students saw things such as the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington National Cemetery, Mt. Vernon (George Washington’s home), Monuments on the National Mall, many world embassies, and the White House.

Mansell said his favorite part of going to D.C. was touring around and seeing the different memorials.

“I really enjoyed the World War II memorial, it was a beautiful memorial itself. It was really cool to see.”


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