Ms. Eleanna Liscombe presents ‘Club Google: Think INSIDE the Box’ at METC in St Charles.

These fifth graders flipped the roles at METC Conference. It was the students teaching the teachers.

“CS encourages its students to think outside the box,” Francis Howell teacher Eleanna Liscombe said. Each of her students presented their creations to the room of educators. The student’s creations include various genres of games.

“The next hundred years, the field of technology will go through 20,000 years of progress,” Liscombe said.

Computer Science is educating the future generations of adults to understand and create the coding of technology.

Some schools offer CS as a course but for others it comes out to be an extracurricular activity.


Students in Ms.Eleanna Liscombe’s class help present her session at METC.

Student Austin Tatum said that “being able to work as a team with my friends and being able to create video games and play them is the best part about CS. I’ve learned that you just have to keep on working hard and not give up.”

Each teacher picked students to get involved with CS. The students that were presenting their codes all plan to make use of this as they grow up.

Student Ian Pierce knows that his future will have something to do with CS.

“It taught me how we can land a better job if you know how to program.”

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