The water polo teams have three sets of siblings playing together in the pool this year: the Hubbs, the Boddes, and the Tsos. The Hubbs are on the junior varsity team together, and the Boddes and Tsos are on the varsity team together.

HubbsThe Hubbs:

Playing water polo together helps bring Madelyn Hubbs (11) and Kyle Hubbs (9) closer together. “We come to practice together, and we go home together. So the bond between us is better than most siblings,” Madelyn Hubbs said. This pair loves helping each other improve and encourages each other to do better when they practice. “It is fun and exciting when I give her a good pass, and she shoots it and scores,” Kyle Hubbs said.

BoddesThe Boddes:

Lucy Bodde (10) and Henry Bodde (12) don’t always get along, but they still have fun with each other. “Sometimes I don’t mind playing with him and other times I hate it so much because sometime he can just be mean, but then it is just kind of fun too with him,” Lucy Bodde (10) said. The Boddes help each other out when practicing, while teasing each other. “It’s kind of fun because I get to mess with her and tease her,” Henry Bodde (12) said.

TsosThe Tsos:

Felicity Tso (12) and Philip Tso (9) have no issues being on the same team. “I don’t really see him as my brother so much, but just as another player on the team, especially in a game,” Felicity Tso (12) said. The Tsos help each other as players, rather than competing against each other. “It’s a wonderful experience because this is the first time I’ve been able to play with her in a competitive way,” Philip Tso (9) said.


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