Girls Varsity Soccer: Bonding within Change


Elise Banks

Starters for the girls varsity soccer team stand together with their hands on each other’s shoulders during the national anthem before their senior night game.

Elise Banks, Copy Editor

The girls varsity soccer team has had an exciting year filled with memories and bonding. The team started the season with a tough loss against Lafayette High School, but they quickly turned it around with a win against Parkway North.
Within the season, the girls have had many opportunities to cherish relationships and grow closer as a team through team bonding activities and traditions.
“I really enjoyed all of the senior night stuff and having the underclassmen come to my house and everything. And of course I’m looking forward to our annual scavenger hunt,” said junior Emily Cremer.
Although the girls have had some fun during the season, there have been times where the team has had to come together and put up a fight in order to have come out with a win in the end.
“We were down 1-0, and in the second half we came back and tied it up, then they scored again, then we scored, and there was like five minutes left on the clock,” Cremer said. “And I’ll never forget, I asked Tomi if we could go back to a four back and she was like ‘No I want to go home,’ and we eventually scored, but Sadie scored it with a hand ball and the ref never called it”.
During certain rival games, the team also had chances to have some fun and try some techniques they have been working on in practices.
“The Ritenour game was really fun for us to finally be able to like to play together and get to know how everyone plays and playing different positions and create different combos and stuff,” senior Kayla Carr said.
This year’s girls varsity soccer team also has a total of 10 seniors, which means that next year may involve some rebuilding.
“Although I’m having fun this year with all the upperclassmen, I know next year we are going to have some big shoes to fill,” freshman Mila Hunter said.
Though the season is coming to a close, the girls have a few games still left in the season and their district games to look forward to. With seniors departing and new talent walking onto the team next year, the girls varsity soccer team will have an exciting and bittersweet end to the season.