Girls’ Lacrosse Has a Rebuilding Season


Rebecca Simpkins

In the game against Wentzville Lacrosse Club, Hannah Fisbeck takes the ball and drives the attack.

Rebecca Simpkins, Sports Editor

Going into the beginning of the season, the lacrosse program prepared to rebuild. After hitting an all time high of ranking higher than they ever had before, the lacrosse program lost the majority of their starting line-up when 10 seniors graduated.
This left the team to face the challenge of working harder in order to keep up with being in the better division for girls’ lacrosse.
“We’re in the top conference so we were going up against teams that have been playing for much longer than our team,” junior and captain Jessica Bae said. “Despite that, our defense stepped up a lot and was able to slow down the ball many times.”
Junior and captain Katie Pina saw the team work extremely hard, “these girls have brought such an amazing work ethic with them that they have learned so fast and have been important impacts this season,” Pina said.
While winning hasn’t been the goal this season, the team has adapted their goals to the circumstances.
“This season we have had very tough opponents because of where we ended our season last year but it’s going amazing,” Pina said. “We have worked so hard during practices and have gone into games shutting down many of our opponents’ plays. We have improved so much in just over a couple of weeks.”
Pina described Christina Bae as one of the most impactful players this season. Junior goalie Christina Bae has made 79 saves so far this season.
“We have had such an amazing goalie, Christina Bae, who has saved us so many times,” Pina said.
With the season coming to a close Jessica Bae is proud of meeting their goals this season.
“We were able to find our rhythm for the transition, defense locked down cutters from the opposing team, and offense began utilizing some plays we have practiced,” Bae said.
Lacrosse’s last game was against Belleville West High School on May 10, which they won 11-7, finishing out their season with a win.