Is your education being blocked at school by filters

Ryan Lang

Stuck in English. Can’t focus. Need music.

Over the past few weeks, the free Internet radio website Pandora has been blocked at Pattonville High School because of a filter change.

A filter is something that will stop or prevent a website from being pulled up on the Internet. There are a number of reasons to add a website to the filter such as racial opinions and sexual content.

The Internet radio website has been blocked which caused an uproar of complaints; students have been desperately searching for alternative ways to listen to their music.

Most teachers allow students to listen to music in class as long as they can’t hear it, the music would be played during time of work. Although with Pandora being blocked it has been very difficult for some students to focus on work in class because they can’t drown out the talking of other students.

Believe it or not, Pandora actually helps students focus on their work because the music can drown out other students talking which will keep the student on track during class.

In a recent interview with Travis Harder from the iLearn Center, this is what he had to say about the blocking of Pandora:

Q: Why did the computers add more filters?

A: “The district changed the company, thusly the software changed with it.”

Q: Who makes the decisions to block a website?

A: “A number of people can do that. Such as a teacher or an administrator which can also be from the Learning Center .”

Q: Does blocking a website increase the speed of the Internet?

A: “Yes and no. It mainly depends on what is being blocked.“

Q: Have you received any complaints from students?

A: “Yes. I estimate around 12 students have come and complained about Pandora being blocked.“