Pirates Get Involved

Zack Balzer

School spirit is very popular at Pattonville High School. From STUCO, to sports, to clubs and activities and more, many students at Pattonville are involved. Whether it is playing in the band or choir, participating in clubs and activities, or even simply attending a sports/band event, students are involved even if they don’t know it.

So, with that being said, I took to the streets to get the numbers on school spirit. Out of a poll of one-hundred students, eighty-seven of them are or plan to be involved in one or more activities at school. That’s 87% of students who play sports. 87% who are in band. 87% who are in clubs and activities such as key club, STUCO, renaissance, and more. Out of the hundred students polled, 97, yes NINETY-SEVEN have friends that are involved in clubs and activities. That shows that even the students who may be too busy with work, schoolwork, or other priorities are still positively influenced by having friends who are involved at school. Even the kids who cannot participate in school sponsored events can still be a part of them. Out of the 100 kids polled, 88 of them attend school sponsored events such as sports events, band concerts and more. This shows that even though some kids are not able to participate themselves, they are still a part of the experience by cheering on their Pirates.

Although many students believe they are not involved at school, I think there are many other ways to be involved while not actually being on the team. Next home game, come show support for your Pirates and make a sign, get a group of friends to come and get rowdy, or do any sort of school spirit symbol because school spirit and being involved is a very important element to the high school experience.