Are IDs helping or hurting students in the school

Ben Rutledge


The IDs are printed and distributed in the AV room in C200, located between the B and D Wings on the second floor.

Immediately following Winter Break, Pattonville increased the amount for an ID to $4. During 1st Semester, the cost was just $3.

In 2011-2012, IDs weren’t required to be worn at all, but they were required to be on your person. In 2012-2013, IDs were put back into effect, and it was required to be worn by all students and staff. In 2013-2014, most students have become accustomed to coming to school wearing their ID; yet for other students, this is not as easy.

I can definitely admit that there has been several times that I have come to school without my ID and have gotten away with it. But there have been a couple instances that I have had to put up a new one from AV and be fined for not wearing one.

Although I know IDs are for proper identification and safety hazards, $4 is a bit expensive and that may not seem like a lot for a one time instance, but after awhile it can start to add up.

I know of a couple people that are sick of spending all their money on an ID just because they can’t remember it or they misplaced it.

Junior Megan Hardesty is frustrated with this new rule saying, “I’ve already had to get two new IDs just because I left mine at home. I understand they need to enforce rules, but this is ridiculous. Do they even consider some people’s financial situations?”

I understand that the administrators think increasing the price for a replacement ID will decrease the number of people forgetting to wear one, but it seems like they are just increasing the price to increase their profit.

If they are more expensive than what they’re worth, then why make them? If the price is fine, then why empty out all of our pockets just to try and enforce a rule?

Most teachers rarely look to see if students are wearing them, unless told to do so over the announcements by Dr. Dobrinic or a secretary.

If students are able to trade ID’s and lend out one of their own IDs without getting caught on the regular, then is the rule that the school is trying to enforce even worth enforcing or actually effective?

Students are finding ways to get around the expensive $4 replacement IDs – and I can’t say that I blame them.