Students make Super Bowl predictions

Students make Super Bowl predictions

PattonvilleTODAY staff

The Super Bowl will be a battle between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Feb. 7, in San Francisco. Kyle Rhodes went around the school asking students questions about football and the Big Game.

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How do you feel about the Rams leaving?

  • Danny Johnson: “I hate Stan Kroenke.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “Kroenke is an [explicit]. He only cares about money and they’re not gonna get more money in L.A. because they still suck. And they won a Super Bowl here with more fans.”
  • Anthony Green: “It definitely upset me a lot because growing up, my family was big Rams fans and so that’s been my hometown team.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “I don’t care. They’ve sucked for the past 15 years.”

Who will you root for now that the Rams are gone?

  • Danny Johnson: “Denver because their defense is amazing. Von Miller is my favorite player and Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “The Colts. Not Kansas City because I hate them.”
  • Anthony Green: “I hate to seem like a bandwagon fan but I watched Cam [Newton] all throughout his college career so probably the Panthers but more so Cam Newton.”
  • Austin Huls: “Probably nobody. Just stick with college.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “I’m definitely gonna root for the Carolina Panthers because Cam Newton puts in work and I’ve always liked his work ethic.”
  • Niya Danfort: “The Giants because of Odell Beckham Jr.”

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or the commercials?

  • Danny Johnson: “The game because it’s the most important football game of the year.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “The game. I actually like football.”
  • Anthony Green: “The game.”
  • Austin Huls: “The game because I love football, it’s fun to watch.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “Definitely watch it for the game because sports is the best thing in the world.”
  • Niya Danfort: “The game.”

What’s your favorite commercial?

  • Lindsay Fink: “The Budweiser ones because I like the dogs and Clydesdales, they’re so cute.”
  • Anthony Green: “Probably the Dorito’s commercials.”
  • Austin Huls: “The M&M one where he strips.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “I look for the Dorito’s ones. They’re pretty funny for the most part.”

Do you do anything special on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Danny Johnson: “I go to a Super Bowl party with my friends.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “I go to my friend’s house and we all watch it there and eat.”
  • Anthony Green: “The past couple years it’s been all family but I think this year I’ll probably end up going to a friends get-together.”
  • Austin Huls: “Yeah, one of my friends has a party every year that I go to.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “We go to a party and we can’t go to school the next day because we’re too tired from staying up so late.”
  • Niya Danfort: “I invite friends over to watch it.”

Will you be rooting for anyone in the Super Bowl?

  • Danny Johnson: “Obviously the Denver Broncos.”
  • Anthony Green: “Cam Newton and the Panthers of course.
  • Niya Danfort: “No not really, I don’t care.”