Choices have to be made when too many events are hosted on one night

Erykah White

Many athletes tend to complain that no one shows up to their games to support them but game scheduling and event planning has not been the best over the past few years at Pattonville. Why would organizers schedule a girls’ basketball game (5:30 p.m), Mr. PHS (6 p.m.), a school dance (following Mr. PHS), and the adult trivia night (7 p.m.) all on the same night?

The school wants students to be involved in many activities, yet they make it hard by piling everything into one day.

First, Student Council put a restriction on how many people can go to the dance (350 students), and Mr. PHS is one of the most popular events at Pattonville, causing girls’ basketball to fall down to No. 3 on that list.

The adult trivia night is a fundraiser for the senior all-night party and if there is a parent of someone involved on the basketball team or Mr. PHS, they would have a difficult time being in two places at the same time.

The girls’ JV basketball team just went on a 13-game winning streak, but they still had to play upstairs every time the JV boys had a home game.

I’m not saying girls should always be in the main gym, but there should at least be a rotating system to allow them to be able to get the opportunity to play downstairs more.

I also feel that there should be more advertisements for girls’ games. There seems to be no problem getting people to boys’ games; what’s wrong with girls’ games?

In my opinion, planning could be much better for the school, and there needs to be some changes if athletes want people to actually show up to their games and if they want athletes to show up to events.