OPINION Homecoming court members should not have a dress code

Erykah White

img_2186Thursday was Frontier Day where students were supposed to dress up matching their class’s assigned frontier, but I couldn’t help my class win the daily competition because I am on Homecoming court.

I wonder why it is mandatory for Homecoming court members to dress nice every day and I have never understood why they weren’t allowed to dress up with the spirit days.

I understand the girls that are nominated by at least three clubs, sports or activities have a choice to take their name off of the list before the student vote, but I feel like court members should be able to show their school spirit and be allowed to participate in the spirit days. Or at least be offered to be able to do at least two of the spirit days.

I’ve heard many girls on court sound quite upset because they have to wear a nice dress, while everyone else is dressed crazily and comfortably.

If the girls were allowed to participate in the dress-up days and only be forced to wear the sash and tiara, I think many girls would stop taking their names off the list.

If they have the tiara and sash on, shouldn’t that be enough to know that they are on court?

A rule was changed this year and the girls will be able to go all out for Class Color Day on Friday, and that was exciting news for many of the nominees.

Although the reason may be for the Homecoming candidates to look like royalty all week, I still feel like it should be assessed. Some rules should be switched to let the girls that are involved in at least three clubs, sports or activities to show their school spirit and have a little more fun during the week.

(Editor’s note: Erykah White is a senior and is on the 2016 Homecoming court)