GSA asking for student support during Ally Week


Summer Davis (left) and Haley Cooper (right) talk to a student about Ally Week.

Nathan Schiermeyer, Writer

GLSEN’s Ally Week is a student-led program where LGBTQ+ K-12 students and LGBTQ educators lead the conversation on what they need from their allies in school.

Ally Week 2018 is September 24-28.

The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) club at Pattonville High School is asking everyone to show support for fellow students even if they are not a part of the organization.

This is a student-led program hoping to accomplish the goal of educating people and removing the superstitions that many people still have of LGBTQ+ people.

An Ally is someone who doesn’t personally identify as LGBTQ+ so anyone can become one. The point for Ally Week is to show that members of the LGBTQ+ community are not alone and that people support them and treat them as people as they are.

There will be a table set up at all three lunches on Monday and Tuesday with members of the GSA club asking students to show support. There will be an informational booth with flyers and stickers.  There will also be a photo booth available so students can take goofy photos with their friends and post the photos on social media with the hashtag #phsALLY.

GSA is a club at Pattonville where LGBTQ+ members and Allies come together as one to make Pattonville a safer place for all students. Meetings are every Wednesday in G101.

If students need more info, they can go to the GLSEN website and learn more about Ally Week.