Notre Dame fire: How will this affect Pattonville’s trip to Paris?

Notre Dame fire: How will this affect Pattonville's trip to Paris?

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Brandi Schott

A few Pattonville students will be traveling this summer with history teachers Ms. Casey Christensen and Ms. Jacqueline Saxton to Paris, Madrid, and Rome on a student trip. After the devastating tragedy in Paris with the Cathedral catching fire on Tuesday, students wondered whether or not the historic church will still be a part of their itinerary.

Notre Dame is Paris’s most popular destination for tourists. Before the fire broke out, it was open 10 or more hours a day, seven days a week. Approximately 30,000 people visited the cathedral each day, and nearly 13 million people visited each year.

Fundraising efforts are being made to help pay for renovations to the landmark, but it is estimated to take years to complete.

After talking with Christensen, she said students may be able to view the outside of the Cathedral and some of the historical statues that were saved from the fire, but she wasn’t quite sure yet whether or not the inside of the Cathedral will be open to tourists.