Renaissance Treats Students with Good Grades


Rewarding 950 students with a 3.0 GPA or better, the Renaissance Club and Ms. Moritz created a dessert bar filled with cupcakes and cheesecake. Workers played music to create a festive environment as the students came to claim their rewards.

Nolan Ballard, Staff Writer

Renaissance is ready with rewards again, and this time they gifted students with a 3.0 GPA or above with a dessert bar, featuring vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, and different types of cheesecake.
The dessert bar was accompanied by many happy faces: 950 students met the criteria.
One student, Dylan Lorton, says that he was motivated by Renaissance incentives because “the more rewards we get, the more people try to get their grades up.”
Dylan also said that “this so far is my favorite reward because it rewards good grades, especially this early on in the year.”
Renaissance also has numerous incentives throughout the year, including giving one yearbook every grading period to one student who qualifies. One senior that is involved in Renaissance, Alisa Durham, said that her favorite part of running the dessert bar was “the music because of the lively energy.” Student servers danced as they handed out the sweet treats, and club sponsor Ms. Moritz supervised the event.