Pattonville Moves to E-Learning for Remainder of Semester

Rebecca Simpkins, Staff Writer

As many know, Pattonville closed school as of Wednesday, March 18, due to COVID-19. All athletic, extracurricular practices and competitions are cancelled for the duration of the spring semester. Coronavirus or COVID-19 derives from bats and starts in a city in China. On March 11, the World Health Organization labeled this disease as a Pandemic; the disease is worldwide because there is not any pre-existing immunity against the new virus.
In the US there are 459,165 confirmed cases and 16,570 deaths and rising [as of April 13]. At the beginning of the outbreak before school let out, Ms. Hayes discussed what many were initially concerned about: “We’re worried about passing it off to our family members and elderly people, not so much ourselves,” she said.
Pattonville not only prepared students with electronics for online learning, but also is offering free breakfast and lunches through pickup at selected buildings and schools in the Pattonville School District. Online learning will started March 30 and will extend through the spring semester. In an email from Dr. Tim Pecoraro, he said, “Although distance learning and support for our families will continue through the end of school (now set for May 29), our buildings will remain closed until further notice and all school and district events scheduled for April and May are canceled.”
In Missouri, there is a stay at home order, so residents may only leave if it is necessary. This pandemic has caused many people to panic and some are worried about what the next step is.
When talking about what worried him most, Angelo Broadnax said, “Not worried so much about the disease, but more how people react because people are stocking up on toilet paper and I’m worried about what the next step is.”
Currently, St. Louis City and County have banned all gatherings of more than ten people and limited the number of people allowed in essential stores, such as grocery and drug stores. Some restaurants are doing their best to stay open through curb-side pick-up and delivery.
With the stay at home orders and social distancing (maintaining a distance of at least six feet from others), Missouri hopes to flatten the curve. At the time of publication, Missouri had 4,388 cases with 114 deaths.