Families Create New Traditions

The Wright family building forts while they are under attack during a family-fun Nerf war.

Matthew Jacobi, Editor-In-Chief

With Pattonville families being home for the remainder of the semester, houses are filled with students, siblings, and parents, and you may be wondering what you could do during this time.
Ms. Wright, Spanish teacher at PHS, has been doing a lot of things to stay busy. “Everyone in my family chose something that they have always wanted to learn but never took the time to learn it,” Ms. Wright stated.
“We have also gone on a lot of walks and bike rides, done family yoga, and we’ve set up a tent in the backyard and have had a couple of campfires in the firepit – s’mores, movies, and cards in the tent, and we have even slept out there,” Wright commented.
“We have had a couple of water fights, a family Nerf war with forts, and badminton games. We are trying to stay active and keep the spirits up.”
Ms. Wright also likes to read, talk to family, or watch a movie after the kids go to bed to give her some alone time to relax.
“This situation is very similar to what we do during the summer, except there is more school stuff now; we actually really enjoy being together and there is a good balance that we all have,” Ms. Wright expressed.
Ms. Hale, PHS Social Studies teacher, gets to spend more time with her daughter, who was just born last August.
“It’s not too bad trying to share resources,” Ms. Hale said, “I take the baby and the dogs for a walk every day, which is a good way to de-stress.”
To get some alone time, Ms. Hale likes to do some yoga, watch TV, go for some walks, and contact friends through Zoom.
“It’s not the same seeing people in Zoom as in-person meetings. I miss my cousin a lot because we usually see each other at least once per week,” Ms. Hale stated.
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