Students Combat Boredom

Mackenzie Rosenthal, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Venz Oberg
Venz Oberg tries to get outside as much as possible and encourages others to do the same, finding it “very therapeutic.”

PHS students have been trying to combat boredom during quarantine, trying lots of different activities in order to stay entertained. From exercise to family traditions to the arts, students have figured out ways to develop skills and relationships during this pandemic.
According to Freshman Alejandra Torres Gonzalez, staying entertained includes “doing chores or riding my bike.” Some advice she would give to people is to “hang out with your family, have movie nights, or even learn something new.”
Sophomore Isaiah LoParco warns, “Don’t let yourself fall down the spiral of ‘I’ll do it later.’ Keep finding new activities and skills to learn, and keep on top of your school work.” He explains, “After finishing my work, I’ve been playing guitar, working out, going on walks, learning to play basketball, learning to skateboard, sketching, reading, playing video games, and watching some TV.”LoParco also advises everyone, “Don’t stop being productive. Talk to your friends for at least a few minutes every day in order to keep yourself motivated.”
Other students are working out or playing sports to avoid boredom. According to Senior Emily Schrumpf, “After I finish school work, I work out the rest of the day. I find different types of workout videos and change up the types of runs and routes in order to keep each day different.” She also has finished multiple paintings and puzzles since quarantine. Schrumpf advises others to “find a new hobby and work on it a little more every day.”

Photo courtesy of Colin Konopka
Colin Konopka plays Pokemon Go.

Senior Thomas McFarland also has been working out and playing sports. McFarland says, “I have run over 30 miles and biked over 100 miles. I have played many different sports outside with my family and I take my dog on long walks.” He also has started “playing video games with my brother and some of our friends. I am usually too busy for video games, but being able to relax and enjoy it with my friends is a lot of fun.”
Some students are using their athletic ability as an advantage. According to Sophomore Rapheal Seymour, “One way I’ve come up with combatting boredom and being athletic at the same time is by playing video games, with a bigger consequence. I’m currently making it to where if I lose a match in any competitive online video game, I have to do 50 pushups, sit ups, or anything I can complete in under 15 minutes. Then I can either continue playing with or without the consequences to enforce my athletics. Doing these challenges encourages me to win a game, thus combatting my boredom.”
During these times, students also enjoy going outside and getting some fresh air when possible. Junior Venz Oberg says he “usually spends an hour every day just going for a walk.” He recommends the outdoors to others “every day or every other day because it’s very therapeutic.” Oberg also says he listens to music to help pass the time.
Freshman Colin Konopka is also going out and walking but he is “walking while playing Pokemon Go.” Konopka is also using the time to practice his driving skills so that he can take his test in August.
Some students try multiple challenges to reflect their varied interests. Sophomore Lian McCurry has “been dancing, learning Japanese, and watching a lot of Netflix/Youtube.”
Through arts, music, sports, play, learning, and family, students are finding ways to make the best of their time.