GSA Perseveres through Its History


Hayden Gust

GSA is hosting meetings every Monday in G101. The GSA is a club that helps LGBTQIA+ students and allies socialize.

Hayden Gust, Staff Writer

The GSA had their first meeting of the year, Wednesday, September 8. They discussed the history of the GSA.

When the club started in 2006, finding sponsors was not easy, according to head sponsor Ms. Dornfeld. “At the time, there was a counselor who was leading the club and who was looking for other teachers to work with her, so I co-owned with her then she and the English teacher retired, leaving me with it,”

Student leadership also did not have a lot of applicants. Rachel Hopper, a council member on the GSA, said, “When I just got my position, I was the only one who volunteered for it, I wanted to push out of my comfort zone.”

The club has experienced some backlash throughout its time from various people. “There has been varied amount of support, between the club and the administrators. Fundraising is an issue, and sometimes parents don’t support,” Ms. Dornfeld said.

Members of the GSA often face struggles that other club members might not. Rachel Hopper explained, “I have never had any problems with this, but I know some kids in the club have had some trouble by those who were outside the club. We just try to make things better for students.”

Ms. Dornfeld agreed. “Some of them have family issues, they sometimes don’t understand the role the clubs serves. Scheduling conflicts can also be a challenge.”

The students that take part in the club, and the staff often love the atmosphere surrounding it. “I wish we could meet every day, just because I love the environment,” Rachel Hopper said.

But that’s not to say it is not challenging or stressful. “It’s been fun! I’ve had my doubts, such as I don’t have time for this or this is too stressful. But getting a note (of appreciation) from students makes it all worthwhile,” said Ms. Dornfeld.

For students who are on the fence about joining the GSA, the members want to assure people that it is a welcoming environment for all,  and it is student led. They are currently pushing for more trans inclusive bathrooms. They have written letters to representatives to change Missouri laws for equity, and much more.

Ms. Dornfeld thinks students who are interested should check it out for themselves. “I would say absolutely come and test the waters. It’s not like I can force you to stay. I would encourage you to come and see what it’s like (but) I can only tell you what has happened in the past, not the future as it is student led.”

Rachel Hopper said, “I mean everyone deserves to be a part of the club, just because some outside force shouldn’t stop them.”