High Notes in Band’s Future


Matthew Jacobi

Back in full force, the Pride of Pattonville greets students as they enter the first Homecoming assembly on Monday, September 27.

Talisa Prabhu, Alaina Sharp, and Logan Otte

The previous year was so many things, and the Marching Band went through its own series of trials. “Last year I ended up quitting,” said Floyd Davis, in his sophomore year of high school. Last year, freshmen did not get to see the full potential of what the Pride of Pattonville was really like.
They all started out online then went to go in person two days a week and the other days they were stuck at home to practice on their own. Practicing marching band at home is not the easiest thing to do considering it is loud, and students need a good amounts of space to do so.
However, marching band has had a fabulous start to their latest season. Sydney Suvansri, a junior and member of the band, said, “I’m really glad that it is going back to normal because we’ve been able to do all the regular activities and have more bonding time.”
Floyd Davis also added his thoughts. “Now that everything is going back to normal, it has been a really good time.”
Suvansri talks about the marching band as a community. “We’re all really close because we spend so much time together and so.. we are honestly like a big family. “
Coming back this year has not been easy for the musicians. Davis said, “Starting was a little bit difficult. There were a lot of early mornings and late nights.”
Suvansri has also seen many challenges that the band has had to face due to the difficult past year and how it robbed the players of their experience. “Some of the group has been set back since they didn’t get to have a normal year last year so we are having to learn techniques and the show…at a different pace,” she explained.
Despite the struggles they have faced, the marching band has managed to play through it. Just recently, the band competed in two competitions and were recognized for their performances. Sydney Suvansri said, “We’ve won Grand Champion, which means we have been the winner of the entire competition.” The band has won both of their competitions.
The competition is not all about competing and winning awards for the members of the band. Floyd Davis said, “It was really dope getting to see other bands and seeing how they march, their shows and their music.”
Suvansri also enjoys the competitions. ”Those are really fun because we get to experience other marching band shows and…it’s a bonding experience…we can learn from them and they can learn from us.”
While the past has caused a bit of “treble,” the marching band and its members have “high notes” in their future.