Benchwarmers win Annual Dodgeball Tournament


Tehya Cox-Potter

Senior Kyle Kaemmerer of Dodge Dynasty prepares to throw a ball in the match against the Dirty Dogs. “My favorite team to play this year was the Dirty Dogs because it was the first team we played and I had friends on the team,” Kaemmerer said. He was a little disappointed that there were not as many teams as last year, but still had fun playing with his friends.

Tehya Cox-Potter, Staff Writer

On January 27, Student Council hosted its annual dodgeball tournament.

The teams were the Benchwarmers, Ball Busters, LB3 v2, The LB3’s, Dirty Dogs, Dodge Dynasty, and the Fire Department. Each team was made up of 10 students and one teacher.

In the Dodge Dynasty vs Dirty Dogs game, though a heated game, Dodge Dynasty came out on top. Dodge Dynasty then went on to play the fire department, who had beaten The LB3’s. Dodge Dynasty was on top again.

Senior Isabella Stark played on the Ball Busters team.

“I had a lot of fun playing and I would play again,” Stark said.

Dodge Dynasty and the Benchwarmers played the next game which the Benchwarmers went on to win. Stark’s team, Dodge Dynasty, won the loser’s bracket and played the Benchwarmers again. They played three games in total.

Math teacher Kyle Hall sponsored the second-place team, Dodge Dynasty, who played four games.

Hall enjoyed the tournament because of his students.

“They are all great kids that know how to have fun; bunch of winners,” Hall said.

My favorite team to play against was Coach Fink’s team. I had forgotten what fear felt like… then he started throwing balls at me. Dude has a cannon.

— Kyle Hall

The Dirty Dogs competed four times: they won two games and lost two games.

Junior Abdukodir Djuraev liked playing Dodge Dynasty the best.

“I feel as though they were our rivals for the night, so it was fun competing against them,” Djuraev said.

Djuraev would love to play dodgeball again next year and thought it was a great experience.

The Benchwarmers were the dodgeball tournament champions. The team won all three games that they played.

Sophomore Adam Reddy, a Benchwarmer player, enjoyed playing and liked watching all of the other groups play.

“My favorite team to play was definitely Dodge Dynasty, they were a good challenge for us and made the game really close,” Reddy said. “I’m definitely looking forward to playing in the tournament again next year.”