PHS Renaissance Hosts Annual Taste of Pattonville


Hayden Gust

Students, staff, and community members attended Taste of Pattonville to get samples from over 25 restaurants on Thursday, May 4th. Head principle, Teisha Ashford, participated in the event as well.

Hayden Gust, Staff Writer

On Thursday, May 4, PHS Renaissance hosted their 14th annual Taste of Pattonville in the cafeteria. The event featured several local restaurants, PHS culinary classes, and food chains, such as: Tony’s Donuts, Red Lobster, Raising Cane’s, Chuck’s Hot Chicken, Sweet Spot Cafe, and many more. From desserts to wings to donuts, Taste of Pattonville works to advertise for local restaurants around the area, as well as fundraise for Renaissance. Taste of Pattonville hosted the band Exscend which featured students/former students: Ethan Massy, Ethan Floyd, and Nick Drayton.
Ava Bearskin, Renaissance Co-President spearheaded the planning of Taste of Pattonville with Peyton Gregory, the other Co-President.
“It was definitely stressful because, starting off the first half of the year without a designated sponsor and then having to jump right into taste of Pattonville as soon as we got a sponsor was definitely difficult and challenging because, not only did we have to start figuring out what all we did last year and trying to incorporate that with all we learned, but we also had to make a bond with a new sponsor,” Gregory said.
The PHS culinary classes prepared days prior to the event, making star wars themed cupcakes as the event was hosted on May the 4th.
“My kitchen had made the baby Yodas, we had to make 100 cupcakes each kitchen and there is two ears for each cupcake. So I had to cut out 400 pieces of fondant, because there are 2 pieces for each ear.” Junior Maddison Buchheit said.
Taste of Pattonville also featured the PHS Ceramics classes selling usable hand made cups, with all proceeds going to PATCARE, a district wide charity.
“Preparing for it was fairly easy, we just had to figure out which cups we could use and then figure out how to set it up…” Sophomore Sarah Pruitt said.
Taste of Pattonville will continue to be hosted by the Renaissance club next year. Gregory hopes next year’s leaders can improve ticket sales.
“I hope to increase advertisement and ticket sales in the future but seeing it drop from when we changed sponsors, which we already knew was going to happen, but it wasn’t such a vast drop. We made our goal to raise that amount of money we wanted to raise.” Gregory said.