Orchestra students qualify for State competition

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Orchestra students qualify for State competition

Jacob Whittinghill, Reporer

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The Pattonville orchestra had 32 events perform at the annual Solo and Ensemble Festival at Parkway Central High School. Out of that group, 16 of them received Outstanding (formerly “2”) ratings and 14 of those events received Exemplary (formerly “1”) ratings.

Those who received the Exemplary rating will have an opportunity to perform at State.

Chamber Orchestra sophomore Jade Boyd qualified for state last year and practiced just as hard for her Violin Solo and String Quartet events this time. Although she struggled getting ready at the start, the practice paid off.

“We fit as much time into practices as we could, and then went to each other’s houses so we could get even more time.”

Junior Natalie Young, a member Boyd’s String Quartet and another Violin Quartet, will be attending the State competition for the third time.

“When I found out both my Quartets got Exemplary, we all screamed,” Young said. “I’m super excited I have the opportunity to perform at State with a bunch of my best friends.”

The following list of students received the Exemplary rating and will have an opportunity to perform at the State Solo & Ensemble Festival on Thursday, April 25.

Violin Solos

  • Jade Boyd (10)
  • Elly Lu (9)
  • Jarred McCormick (12)
  • Lily Smith (11)

Viola Solos

  • Chandler Fajardo (10)
  • Alicia Spalding (11)

Cello Solo

  • Gage Menk (12)

Bass Solo

  • Abby Surlet (12)

Violin and Viola Duet

  • Amelia Khan (11) and Nathan Moser (11)

Violin and Cello Duet

  • Maya Blumenthal (10) and Gage Menk (12)

Abby Surlet and Lacey Harder perform their bass duet at the orchestra’s Festival Showcase Concert.

Bass Duet

  • Lacey Harder (12) and Abby Surlet (12)

Violin Quartet

  • Anarely Gamino (11), Amelia Khan (11), Lily Smith (11) and Natalie Young (11)

Bass Quartet

  • Lacey Harder (12), Will Skaggs (11), Abby Surlet (12) and Simon Wacker (10)

String Quartet

  • Jade Boyd (10), Hannah Jones (12), Elly Lu (9) and Natalie Young (11)