Senior top 10 assembly

Erin Leventhal

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IMG_4604On Thursday, May 9th, the top 10 seniors of the class of 2013 were acknowledged for exemplary grades and being extremely involved at PHS. These students earned between a 4.3 and 4.8 GPA throughout their first 7 semesters of high school.

Top 10 includes:

1) Anjali Fernandes – Harvard University

2) Adam Kaminsky – Washington University in St. Louis

3) Kevin Mitchell – Saint Louis University

4) Jimmy Sorsen – Truman State University

5) Brennan Cull – Xavier University (Ohio)

6) Robert Hwang – University of Missouri St. Louis

7) Dustin Davis – University of Missouri St. Louis

8) Sierra Peerman – Missouri State Univeristy

9) Ming Chan – Truman State University

10) Roger Netherton – University of Missouri