GRADE: 9th
HEIGHT: 5’5″

Freshman Kendra Davis started playing basketball at the age of 9 years old, and has now been playing for 7 years. Right now, Davis is a part of the Pattonville varsity basketball team.

Davis said she loves the sport and will keep striving to make it to the top and to be the best.

“It gives me a sense of strength to be able to play hard against someone so the competition is what drives me to get better.”

She has played basketball outside of school and that’s how she got so great at it, and like anyone who plays a sport for a long time, she  has a favorite memory while playing.

“My favorite memory of playing basketball was when I scored 20 points in the semi-finals to take our team to the championship.”

Anytime a student plays a sport, they have to get used to competition and she feels by playing hard and loving the idea of winning, she is a true athlete.

“I hope that I will continue to play basketball throughout high school and get a scholarship to go to college and play in college as well.”

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