IMG_9091She was running and dribbling the ball quickly toward the other team’s goal, doing super cool soccer moves to avoid the enemy players, and then Meaghan Pace got ready to score when all of a sudden a player stuck their leg out and tripped her.

There was a loud pop and everyone looked over at Pace who was now on the ground in pain. She tried to stand up but was met with a sharp pain in her knee.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital to find out what was wrong.

After being examined, Pace received the bad news. She had torn her ACL.

For many, a torn ACL means that they are done playing sports, but the sophomore is back in action. After having reconstructive surgery on her knee and months of physical therapy, she is back on the field, but not for soccer anymore. Now she is playing lacrosse.

“This is my first year of lacrosse, and it’s a lot different than soccer,” Pace said. “It was challenging to learn, but the team is super nice and they always help me out when I need it.”

After proper recovery and physical therapy, sports are definitely still possible for people with ACL injuries.

“Having a torn ACL prevents me from running for a long time without getting sore knees, but I don’t feel held back by my injury at all,” she said. “The worst thing about it is the tan line my knee brace gives me.”

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