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April 1 is the day of laughter, jokes and hoaxes. In celebration, some Pirates had jokes played on them to celebrate the holiday.

“My boyfriend texted me and told me he got into a fight,”
Leah Barklage said. “When I asked him what happened, he went into this elaborate description of how it went down, but he finished the text by saying that Principal April Fool walked in. That’s when I knew he was playing a joke on me.”

Some Pirates also remember good jokes they’ve experienced in Pattonville.

“In second grade, our principal came out at recess and said that something happened in the bathrooms,” Katie Stevens said. “He didn’t let us play until someone took the blame. All the girls started blaming the boys because they’re boys. But then they told us that it was a joke. We were all really upset about it cause we lost our recess time.”

Some Pirates have been able to pull off some good stunts of their own over the years as well.

“When I was in 6th grade, there was a girl who always wanted to have my chocolate milk,” Mollie Emerick said. “So on April Fool’s Day, I filled my bottle of chocolate milk with lemon juice instead, and when she took a drink, she gagged really bad. Next thing I knew, she threw up on the floor.”

While that wasn’t Emerick’s intention, she was proud of herself for thinking of her idea.

“The teacher didn’t like it, but it was a good joke so I wasn’t complaining.”

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