There was no flipping through a magazine to find a hair style that might look good for prom. There were no special requests honored by the stylist. There was no pre-rinse or shampoo treatment given. But there were tears. There were pictures. And there was cheering.

The high school participated in the district-wide St. Baldrick’s event on Saturday, March 15, at Holman Middle School. Forty-six people signed up for the high school team and more than $24,000 was raised. Its goal was $20,000.

St. Baldrick’s invests every dollar raised in the best possible childhood cancer research available.

Katherine Zoll was the team’s donation leader as of March 15 with $3,067.50 raised. Leeann Graff was next with $2,185 and Lanee’ Hasenkamp was third with $2,135 raised for St. Baldrick’s. Donations can still be made so follow this link to donate to one of the team members.

As a district, 319 people signed up to either be a shavee or donate at least 8 inches of hair to Locks of Love. With a district goal of raising just $25,000, Pirate Nation collected almost $90,000 by the time of the event.

Katelyn N. of Parkwood Elementary signed up to be a shavee and set a goal to raise $5,500 for St. Baldrick’s. She was the district’s top fundraiser giving $6,000 to the Foundation.

Check out the slideshow below or click here to be taken to the full gallery:

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