Megan Volz brought a cookie cake to her government class to give to her teacher that had “Sorry I never came to class” written on it.

As students wait for teachers to enter final grades on PowerSchool, there are some that are trying to get back on their teacher’s good side and convince them for a good grade.

Senior Megan Volz decided that on the very last day in class, she would bring a cake to her government teacher, Mr. Ryan Brueckmann. The cake said “Sorry I never came to class.”

She missed class often on C days because she would sleep in. During the time not in class, she might have spent it on social media.

“I saw it on Twitter one time and I thought it was funny,” Volz said. “I mainly missed C days because I had government second hour and I liked to sleep in.”

She made sure she was there on all of the important test days and was prepared. When she gave Brueckmann the cookie cake, he thoroughly enjoyed the message written on it.

“He thought it was funny and laughed when he read it.”

Since the entire government class had passed their EOC, no one had to take the final so she thought since it would be the last class, they could celebrate and eat cookie cake together.

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