Playing Flappy Bird makes time fly by

Conner Delles

c36eflappy-birdDo you ever get bored enough to just look on the Apple App Store and find a top game to download?

I decided to do this a week ago and I came across a game called Flappy Bird. The app is a basic game where you tap the screen and make the little bird fly through two green pipes. If the bird hits the pipe, it’s game over.

After downloading this, I finally tried it out. I only got to 5 points.

The game is so pointless that it makes people keep playing it and out of all the great apps in the store, this pointless game happens to stand at No. 1 on the  iTunes app store.

To me, the game is highly addictive, but completely pointless and boring.

Every time I hear somebody talk about Flappy Bird I laugh and start playing it.

As of now, my high score is 28, but my opinion still stays the same because the highest score I would give the game is a rating of 3 out of 5.

The game may be completely pointless, but it does make time fly.