VITALe Reading, The Pirate Bookworm: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Morgan Vitale

dear johnIf you’re a sappy, heartfelt Pirate who is always willing to enjoy a plot twist like I am, then you’ll love this book: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

I wish I could spoil the ending for you, but I am not going to do that. I will say that this book does not finish the way you think all love stories end. Now, just let me make a note, this book is nothing like the movie that supposedly is “based off” of the book.

This book can inspire your relationship with your significant other to become stronger within the first chapters, but around Part 2 of the book, I would suggest that it would be best to stop basing your relationship off of it.

This book has three “Parts” where it steadily gets more interesting and you begin to not want to put this book down. The first part is where everything is explained, about how John is in the Army, and Savannah is a college student who works with Habitat for Humanity, and all the sappy love comes into play, where everything starts to fall into place and the puzzle becomes solid.

Once the reader gets to Part 2 is when it starts to fall apart.

John and Savannah, the main characters in the book, constantly fight after being together for about a year. I kept thinking during this part about how they constantly dealt with fights and always managed to come back to each other; that’s what true love is.

This book really makes you think about your relationship and makes you wonder about everything in your relationships.
It just doesn’t have to deal with relationships and the army, it also slides in some very sad problems in life. Autism comes into play and so does Melanoma. This books has many ups and downs and I can’t wait to see many of you Pirates with your nose buried in this book.

VITALe Reading Rating: 5 books out of 5! Can’t wait to see the hold list for this book go off the charts at our PHS Library.

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