Ms. Hasheider Makes Pattonville’s Teacher of the Year Finalists


Dr. Dobrinic congratulates Ms. Hasheider on winning PHS Teacher of the Year. Hasheider went on to be a finalist for the district award.

Matthew Jacobi, Editor-In-Chief

On April 16, Pattonville’s Teacher and Support Staff of the Year committees published the finalists for this year.

Ms. Hasheider, district technology specialist at the high school, was a finalist for this year’s Teacher of the Year. When she heard that she was a finalist, she felt immense gratitude. “It is a really great feeling to be recognized. I think the nature of what I do in my role is mostly meant to be ‘behind-the-scenes’–my job is to help everyone else shine. So it is a bit strange being in the spotlight, but it also feels really good to have my professional bucket filled, so to speak. It’s just really an honor to be chosen to represent all the incredible teachers in Pattonville,” Ms. Hasheider stated.

“I was very proud to represent the high school as a finalist for Teacher of the Year,” Hasheider commented. “I think our teachers have done a lot of really great work this year as it relates to personalized learning and technology. I feel like I know our teachers very well and have been fortunate to work alongside them in their classrooms. Being advanced as a semifinalist is a direct reflection of the hard work, talent, and dedication of all the teachers at PHS.”

To be Teacher of The Year, Ms. Hasheider believes that the person selected is “the face and voice for Pattonville teachers. It should be someone who embodies the qualities we value in exceptional teaching. Someone who shows compassion and leadership. Someone who exudes enthusiasm and loves students. The Teacher of the Year is also someone who can speak intelligently about education policy and be able to represent not just Pattonville, but all Missouri public school educators.”

Ms. Hasheider has some words for her colleagues: “I am forever grateful that I work with such wonderful people. Thank you for lifting me up and always making me feel valued and appreciated. And thank you all for being willing to try new things and learn from me all the time. A quote by Isaac Newton that I love is:

If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

— Isaac Newton

If I am exceptional, it is only because I have learned so much working alongside exceptional people! And I am very thankful to our administrative staff for giving me wings to try things, to lead, and to grow. PHS is a wonderful place to learn and grow, both as a student and a teacher.”

The two other finalists were Kelley Chestnut, second grade teacher at Parkwood Elementary School, and Dan Derby, fifth grade teacher at Bridgeway Elementary School. The three finalists for Support Staff of the Year were Cheryl Arnold, secretary at Holman Middle School, Andrea Baldwin, paraprofessional at the Pattonville Early Childhood Center, and Josie Chapman, paraprofessional at Bridgeway Elementary School.

On May 7, Pattonville announced Dan Derby as the Pattonville’s 2020 Teacher of The Year, and Andrea Baldwin as Pattonville’s 2020 Support Staff of The Year.

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