Seniors soak in their last Spring Break

Brandon Clark, Staff Writer

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As Spring Break 2019 wraps up and students return to school, seniors may have to come to the realization that this may have been their last Spring Break ever.

Whether you take trips on Spring Break with your family over break or you decide to relax at home and hit the sticks for a week, Spring Break is always a special time of year for any high school student.

With it being the Class of 2019’s last high school Spring Break, two seniors reflected on Spring Break as a whole.

Senior and yearbook editor-in-chief Madison Brown thinks this year’s Spring Break was the best one ever for her.

“My favorite Spring Break is probably the Spring Break I had this year because I got to hangout with all of my friends.”

Brown also said her Spring Break this year was by far better than any of her other Spring Breaks because of getting the opportunity to go prom dress shopping and also enjoying the zoo while there was nice weather.

But surprisingly not in all cases did every senior think that this Spring Break was the best of the four throughout their high school career.

Senior Stone Unterreiner said one of his underclass years was his best Spring Break.

“It was probably my sophomore year because that was when I really started to get my self confidence to where it is now,” he said. “Ever since then, I’ve never been more outgoing.”

The Class of 2019 just had its last high school Spring Break, but they spent time with their friends and made memories to last them a lifetime.