The ropes course

The ropes course

On any non-sport filled, regular day, you wouldn’t usually catch Pattonville students at Parkway North.

On Friday, April 7, the Pattonville Student Council went on an off-campus field trip to do the ropes course on the Parkway North campus. The students spent the day team-building, climbing and putting their trust in the other council members to keep them safe.

The point of the trip was to help Student Council chairs, officers, and students in the leadership class bond with each other while using critical thinking skills to find their way around the course.

Senior Roma Patel coming down from one of the challenge courses.

Senior Roma Patel coming down from one of the challenge courses.

Current Historian of Student Council, Roma Patel, was one of the attendees of the field trip and said she had an amazing time at the ropes course.

“My trust for people grew and I accomplished things I didn’t think I could,” Patel said. “I had a great time spending time with everyone and jumping off of big things.”

The Council spent the day learning how to encourage each other, work well with each other, climb and Belay, a process where you hook a rope to one person to secure the other person.

One of the scariest parts about the ropes course is not only how high you are but the fact that you are putting your trust in someone else to keep you safe up in the air and the amount of courage it takes for you to climb so high up.

Junior Nadia Maddex taking the leap of faith

Junior Nadia Maddex taking ‘The Leap of Faith.’

One of the challenge courses was called “The Leap of Faith.” Students had to climb up a huge pole and jump for a trapeze bar once they got to the top.

“The hardest part wasn’t jumping off, but standing up on the top of the pole,” junior Megan Reese said. “It was so wobbly and difficult to get both feet up.”

Junior Elleni Yeshiwas said she really enjoyed the field trip because it helped her bond with not only the rising officers but the current officers as well.

“It was really nice getting to put my trust in my fellow Stuco members and getting that same amount of trust right back in return,” Yeshiwas said. “I think this trip will really help how we work together in the long run.”

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