You can sign up using these flyers hanging around the building or pick one up in the Stuco store.

You can sign up using these flyers hanging around the building or pick one up in the Stuco store.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? How about smarter than a teacher? On Friday, April 7, students will have the opportunity to challenge their teachers during a trivia night that benefits Special Olympics. This fiesta-themed event will be held in the cafeteria from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

“This is the inaugural Teacher-Student Trivia Night to benefit Special Olympics” senior and vice president of Student Council Max Spitzmiller said.

Stuco works with Special Olympics numerous times throughout the year in order to help raise money to fund their sporting events for special needs kids. Pattonville will host one of its swim meets again for the second year, and will provide the kids with food, entertainment, and the space to compete.

“The huge swim meet we’ll have a couple days before is going to be costly,” Spitzmiller said. “We want all the money that we raise there to go toward the Special Olympics and this way the swim meet will be nice and we’ll have more money saved for the Special Olympics event next year.”

The trivia night will support the meet, and Student Council president Jacob Reese encourages all to participate.

“Any Pattonville School District employee can play, but only Pattonville High School students can play,” Reese said.

Teams are already signing up.

“Right now the history department is signed up, and they say they’re super good.”

Student Council is looking for 20 to 35 teams, so there is plenty of room for others to sign up.

“It’s a great way for sports teams or clubs to do team bonding,” Reese said.

Teams are made up of eight friends or teachers and costs $10 per person ($80 per team).

“It’s going to be really fun and prizes will be awarded to the best-dressed table,” Spitzmiller said. “There will be lots of prizes including door prizes and raffles. We’re getting some nice donations from some nice companies. Bahama Bucks is one of those and there will be prom and homecoming tickets available.”

Teams are encouraged to bring their own food and snacks, but no drinks will be allowed. Stuco will be providing water, soda, and other beverages for teams.

In order to sign up, there are flyers hanging around the building with a QR code or Google link that your team will fill out and turn in. There are also paper copies available in the Stuco store or activities office. All teams and money should be turned in to Stuco by March 31.

“Just get a small group of your friends together and come out to have a fun night with staff and students.”

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