Orchestra members perform during the Veteran’s Day Breakfast in the cafeteria.

Pattonville’s String, Concert, and Chamber orchestras are performing their winter-themed concert in the auditorium on Dec. 8 at 7 p.m.

Orchestra students have been preparing these pieces for almost two months, working vigorously in sectionals and outside of school.

Concert player senior Breanna Merritt is excited for the surprise orchestra director Mr. Michael Dunsmoor has planned for this concert.

“We’ve invited alumni to play with us during the final piece of the night, which is going to make this concert so special and memorable,” Merritt said.

The alumni will join as the combined orchestras play Christmas Eve Sarajevo (Carol of the Bells), a popular holiday song made famous by the Trans Siberian Orchestra.

Each orchestra will play different holiday and winter themed songs ranging from Hanukkah Favorites, Greensleeves, to Corelli’s Concerto Grosso No. 8.

Chamber orchestra will feature four different soloists in their piece to Corelli’s Concerto Grosso No. 8: junior Christie Jiang, senior Celeste Potter, and juniors Christie Jiang, Katie Stevens, and Aaron Garner.

“Each and every one of us soloists have worked hard to learn our parts,” Jiang said. “I’ve practiced my solo part at home for hours at a time while listening to the recordings online to try to match the style in order to get a better sound.”

Concert orchestra will also feature soloists during their piece In The Bleak Mid Winter: juniors Adam Mitchell and Shhdwafi Youseff, and seniors Carrie Henderson and Lindsey Rossel.

“The solo isn’t too difficult, but it sounds so beautiful when it blends with the other orchestra parts,” Rossel said. “I’m both nervous and excited for this evening, but I’m anxious to hear the outcome.”

Admission to the concert is free and everyone is welcomed to enjoy the holiday and winter themed songs.

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