OPINION Teachers shouldn’t give extra work to students who are doing well in class

Ross Reynolds

Students who are successful in their classes shouldn't receive extra work that isn't for credit

Students who are successful in their classes shouldn’t receive extra work that isn’t for credit.

One issue I’ve always found with the way school is taught is that, too many times, it feels that teachers give work out that is used to waste or fill up time. Most students would call this “busy work.”

Usually teachers assign this type of work when all other classwork is completed but there is still extra time left in class. This isn’t the only case though, because busy work can also be given once class is over, for homework.

To me, busy work is more of a subjective opinion than it is something that teachers actually purposely give out. The reason somebody might find something to be busy work is because they already understand the topic and don’t need any extra practice. To others, it could be helpful to have this extra time and practice.

I know plenty of times that I have been in a class and I have finished all of my work before others and there is still 5 to 10 minutes left. The teacher then would assign me something extra or tell me to get online and study for a test that’s still a week away. Now this might sound like a good time to take advantage of more study time, but usually I have other homework that I might need to finish.

I feel that if you understand a topic, or you feel that you don’t need extra help, that you shouldn’t be forced to work on more practice. I know a lot of teachers who like to cram until the last minute of class when they haven’t been teaching any new content since the beginning of the class period.

The fix to this problem will only become available if teachers realize that not every student has the same needs. I think if a student doesn’t need extra practice on a lesson, and there is time still left at the end of a class period, the teacher should allow that student to use that time for free time so they can work on any work they may have for other classes. I also think that teachers should only start giving out work that will be graded.

Students should not be forced to do extra work if they have been successful so far in the class.