What would be the perfect promposal?


Jacob Whittinghill

You can’t just go up to someone and simply ask them to go to prom, it has to be done over-the-top in what has popularly become known as a promposal.

I wondered what the best way to ask someone to prom is so I asked three girls and three boys what’s the best way to ask someone to the dance.

Senior Rachel Ferguson said, “If someone wrote something on a cake to ask me, that would be perfect.”

Senior Elmira Aladinova  just wants Chick-Fil-A.

“I just love Chick-Fil-A”.

Tennis player Daniel Shor would agree that something involving food is the best way to do a promposal.’

Senior Camryn Porzelt wants something more thoughtful.

“I want to be asked like those promposals on Instagram where a lot of people give you a rose and at the end, he’s holding a cute little sign saying ‘Will you go to prom with me?'” she said. “That would be amazing.”

Senior football player Reggie Oliphant said that he would try to have an elaborate plan.

“I’d have her walk down the hallway with everyone on the side and I’m holding the poster,” he said. “I don’t know what the poster is going to say though. I’ll probably have a girl make it for me.”

Senior Terrell Sanderson thinks that it just should be a surprise and not a cliche.

“Something like having prom spelled out on the floor and you’re holding a question mark.”

What do you think is the best promposal? Comment below.