Beyond the Classroom: Exploring the Da Vinci Exhibit

Ava Bearskin , Staff Writer

The St. Louis Science Center recently opened a new exhibit called Da Vinci The Exhibition: Inventor, Scientist, Engineer. While the exhibit is an extra cost, it is a limited time experience, closing April 19. The exhibit highlights parts of Leonardo Da Vinci’s life that are not as well known as his paintings, such as his inventions.
“I thought the most interesting part of the exhibit was all of the inventions… I like that some were interactive and you could see how they worked,” a Pattonville parent stated.
The exhibit includes large scale prints of Da Vinci’s painting with informational plaques next to each one. Since the exhibit focuses on his other work, there are over 60 life size models of his inventions. Displayed in the exhibit is Da Vinci’s tank, room of mirrors, diving suit, steam cannon, and much more.
“I didn’t realize how many things he invented and improved upon, everything from complex machines to something as simple as a weather vane. That one surprised me!”
The exhibit also highlights Da Vinci’s codes and manuscripts. There are replicas of the documents as well as information on the journey of the documents from Da Vinci’s hands to the many libraries they’re located at now.