Boys’ Swim and Dive Make Their Way Through After a Determined Season


Christian Movick

Brennan Shipman (11) readies himself, prepared to jump off the diving board to get the quickest time in a 400 Free Relay.

Christian Movick, Multimedia Editor & News Writer

Though Boys’ Swim and Dive had many wins this past season, they have still continued to push themselves to be better.

Captain and junior Brennan Shipman was confident in his team’s skills, however, also adamant that they all continue to work hard and branch out as much as they could.

“The whole team has exceeded expectations because we lost like our six best swimmers last year, so I feel like we did a lot better [this season] than we should have,” Shipman said.

Shipman also talked about how the season had been getting smoother as time went on.

“We work better and we remember the intervals we’re supposed to get and what we’re supposed to do to warm up,” he said.

In terms of how confident he was that they were going to win the season, Shipman said that “you always gotta stay confident that you’re gonna win. If you lose any of that confidence, you’re already going downhill.”

Shipman would like to “get more swimmers and make sure everyone can do more strokes, cause we still have some guys that can’t swim everything. So just wanna make sure everyone can branch out and do everything.”

Last season, the team had nine seniors that were veteran athletes graduate.

“We have a small and young team this year but the team is doing well and swimming competitively,” Coach Anna Braswell said.

Braswell complemented the team for their hard work and determination.

“Each week the boys continue to improve on their stroke techniques and personal best times.”

“Hopefully next season we continue to grow in numbers and all athletes return eager and ready to compete,” Braswell said.