Rachel Schamber signed on National Signing Day to join the Benedictine College lacrosse team.

Rachel Schamber signed on National Signing Day to play lacrosse at Benedictine College. This future Raven is the first Schamber child to be leaving the nest and heading to college.  She will be going to Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, to further her athletic career playing lacrosse.

Q: What made you decide to go to Benedictine?

A: “I am mainly going there for lacrosse, but their campus is really nice and their sports facilities are pretty much brand new.”

Q: How do you feel about making such a life-changing decision?

A: “I feel relieved now that I have finally made a decision. I think that I feel a little less stressed now that I know where I  am going to school and playing lacrosse.”

Q: Are you sad to be leaving Missouri?

A: “Kind of. I think Missouri is a cool place but Kansas will be something new. I feel like being in a new place with new people will be good for me.”

Q: What is the most outrageous thing that someone has said or done regarding your decision?

A: “I was walking through the Social Studies hall and Mr. Newton asked me if I was going to do a Raven call at my signing, and he started to screech in the middle of the hall.”

Q: Are you scared of college or college lacrosse?

A: “Yes, in a way, because I think going somewhere where I will know absolutely no one will be a little intimidating. But I am mostly excited!”

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