GTA5, 2K14 are the newest video games in the popular series

Blake Stricker

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This fall is a good season for many video game lovers. In the month, two huge video games have been released for XBox and PS3. One game is by Rockstar games and that is Grand Theft Auto 5. The other game is by 2K sports and that game is NBA 2K14. Both games feature different things for players to do and both games have been very anticipated by gamers.

Grand Theft Auto 5 came out on Sept. 17. This game features lots of fun activities to do for players and also was very anticipated for all gamers because its been 4 years since the last Grand Theft Auto was released.

Junior C.J. Brown said, “I was most excited because you get to play as three different people.”

In this game you get play as three players and experience three different lifestyles. The three characters are Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Brown said, “I like to use Franklin because he’s the funniest and he has a dog with him.”

NBA 2K13 was released on Oct. 1. This game is another in the NBA 2K series as this followed up 2K13. Players were told the game would differ from the others.

Darrien Johnson, a junior, said, “The game is different because of the control pro-stick.”

The control pro-stick is what allows gamers to make moves on the court and make flashy plays. A big thing that people felt 2K needed to fix for the next game was defense.

Johnson said, “I do believe the defense is better.”

This is good for players because playing online games will be a little easier since you can play defense without the opposing player going right through you. Online gameplay is when servers connect you to other players around the world and allow you to play head-to-head. DIfferent players like different things when they play.

Sophomore Jeffrey Hart said, “I like to play as the Rockets because I like a team with a good guard and center.”

These games definitely took gaming to a new level and according to players they are extremely fun and you can spend multiple hours in a day playing them. They are in stores now so get your copies soon and enjoy the experience of playing both.





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GTA5, 2K14 are the newest video games in the popular series