New head coach will be leading JV Drill Team next year

Callie Farrar, Yearbook staff

As Ms. Kristin Riggs steps down from being the head coach of the JV drill team, Ms. Lindsey Purviance steps up. As a coach, there are a lot of thoughts and feelings that goes into it.

“I am feeling overwhelmed and a feeling of excitement,” Purviance said. “Each girl on this team holds an insane amount of talent, and this is going to be an incredible year, for the team and for my first year being the head JV coach.”

Purviance knows what it is like to be on Drill Team because she is an VDT alumna.

”Coaching Drill Team means tradition,” she said. “It means carrying on the legacy that I was once introduced to as a freshman on Drill Team. Being a coach of Drill Team is so much more than the title of being a ‘coach.’ It means heart, pouring passion into every practice, and making connections that the dancers will remember for the rest of their life. I am truly honored to be given the chance to lead and spread the love of dance this year.”

She is looking forward to new things this season not just because it’s her first year being the head coach, but because it’s always a blast to be a part of the Drill Team community.

“I am looking forward to the year as a whole, but one main thing that I am looking forward to is spreading my love for dance on to all 11 girls on JV,” Purviance said. “Dance is something that is very special to me, and I hope I can instill the same feeling into this team. I am also very excited to see how much this team improves over the course of the year. The growth that JV can have for a dancer is amazing.”

The next time you see JV Drill Team performing, take a look on the sidelines and you will see the new head coach of the JV team, Lindsey Purviance, leading the group of dancers.