Traveling Teams: Select Student Athletes Stay Flexible in Pandemic


Photo Courtesy of Jordyn Lodes

Select team Lou Fusz Soccer Club practicing at their field in Creve Coeur. The team played most of their games in St. Charles because of COVID restrictions.

Cameryn McGee, Staff Writer

Athletes have been hugely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some athletes are still able to play the sports that they love, even if there are some restrictions on it. Many student athletes have proven that the pandemic will not affect the way that they play their game, unless needed.

Senior Kyleigh Maryas, a student-athlete at Pattonville High School who also plays select soccer for the AFA Fillies in St. Charles County, explains that her team has to wear masks entering and exiting the soccer complex and that it was something she and her fellow teammates really needed to adjust to.

“The pandemic made it difficult to practice with the entire team at first, but restrictions changed so we can have a full team practice,” Kyleigh explains.

She also explains how her team only practices two days a week and that they wear masks when they aren’t playing. She says that they have to do self screenings before practice and get their temperature checked.

Personally, Kyleigh believes that the season has been as normal as it can be and that as long as they follow the guidelines, they are able to continue to a normal routine.

Kaeli Benedict, who is also a student-athlete at Pattonville and plays for Lou Fusz Soccer Club in Creve Coeur, has been able to practice in St. Louis County, but their games have been moved to St. Charles because of COVID restrictions.

She explains that they still play the same amount of games that they would in a normal season. Kaeli plays in a travel league and has played about 15 games so far. Also, her team is not required to wear masks to practices.

Describing teams’ interactions, Kaeli says, “We are able to interact pretty normally. We have to wear masks depending on the location.”

She explains her team hasn’t been able to play all of their games because some of the teams they play have been exposed to COVID. Also, their practices have been all over the place and inconsistent because of the pandemic.

Although COVID is growing, her team still plans on traveling. They have gone to Colorado, Kansas City, and Booneville and they plan on going to Texas and California next.

Like athlete Michael Phelps famously stated: “You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”