Homecoming Game: Pirates vs. Jaguars


Paige Boyce

Pattonville Pirates tackle the Seckman Jaguars at the 30-yard-line. The Jaguars won the game, going into overtime with a score of 50-48.

Elise Banks, Writing Editor

On October 7, the Pirates went against the Seckman Jaguars for the annual homecoming game. While excitement was in the air, tensions were rising as game time drew near.

“I was getting ready for anything really, but mostly I was getting locked in and preparing myself for anything to happen,’’ senior Michael Montoya said.

As the players were getting ready for the game, the coaches were ready to put all they had on the field.

“We already knew that this was going to be a really good game so we were getting ready for anything to happen,” Coach Lewis said.

As the game continued on, Junior Terrell Porter, gained perspective of what he needed to do in order to make his team successful.

“By the 3rd quarter I knew that I had to give up less yards on defense in order for us to get the other teams’ 4th down,” Porter said.

For the Pirates’ defensive line, they had high expectations for their blocking and their ability to stop the ball.

“Overall our defense wasn’t wrapping the other team up. With hitting, we kept letting the quarterback get loose. Personally, I could’ve gotten more tackles but as a unit we could’ve done better,” said senior, Tory Allen.

As the 4th quarter ended, tensions arose on the sideline when there was a realization that the game was going into overtime.

“I was a bit nervous when we had to go into overtime but it had to be done and we all knew it was going to be a dog fight,” Terrel Porter said.

During overtime, junior Michael Allen saw certain areas where they could’ve improved in the game offensively.

“The o-line did okay as individuals, but in the future we have to come together as a team so we can all dominate together in the long run,” said Allen.

The game ended with a close loss for the Pirates, the final score was 48-50. The boys put up a good fight overall against the Jaguars.